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EastEnders spoilers: Linda Carter makes a shocking discovery about Janine!

Linda Carter in EastEnders
Linda Carter makes a shocking discovery about Janine Butcher! (Image credit: BBC)

Linda Carter wants Janine Butcher to confess about the night of the accident in Wednesday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Linda Carter steels herself for what she fears will be a prison term as she's soon due in court for drink driving. 

Memories of the day of the crash are hazy, as she was rushed to hospital after the accident. 

She has no memory of the fact that Janine Butcher came to rescue her after her daughter Nancy Carter abandoned her. 

After crashing the car she put a drunk and unconscious Linda in the driving seat to frame her and did a runner, disposing of her own bloodied clothes.

With the court case looming, Linda sadly writes birthday cards for her children, sure she won't be there to give them to them herself. 

But she's hit by a bombshell when Sharon Watts confesses that she knows who answered Linda's call to the Queen Vic on the day of the accident...

Linda is stunned by Sharon's revelation and she storms into the Vic. Confronting Janine in front of her ex Mick Carter, she demands to know everything. 

How will Janine get herself out of this one?

Martin Fowler confronts Denzel Danes

Martin Fowler insists that Lily Slater makes amends to Denzel Danes. (Image credit: BBC)

Martin Fowler is concerned for Lily Slater in the wake of her friend Amy Branning's collapse from taking illegal drugs. He tells her to stay well away from Denzel Danes and Nugget Gulati, fearing that they were the source.

When he overhears Lily confesses to Eve Unwin that she stole the drugs from Jada Lennox, he is furious with her. He marches round to the salon and apologises to Denzel's dad Howie Danes about where the drugs really came from.

Martin, Howie and Linda pressure Jada to tell them where she got the stash from, while Lily apologises to Denzel for getting him into trouble. 

Denzel and Lily visit Amy in hospital, worried for their friend.

Finlay Baker advises Billy Mitchell

Finlay Baker points out to Billy Mitchell he knows EXACTLY what he's been hiding! (Image credit: BBC)

Finlay Baker has his stall up and running and is doing his best to feel like a proper stallholder now he's part of the market community. 

Fellow stallholders Billy Mitchell and Whitney Dean decide to help out Finlay by sharing a few top tips on the market lingo!

After getting off on a bad footing, Billy is much better disposed towards Finlay now he knows that his ex Honey Mitchell turned down his offer of a date.

Later, they head to the Vic and Finlay lets Billy know that he realises Billy is still smitten with Honey.

Also, Stuart Highway continues to battle with his health issues.

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Thursday at 7:30 pm.