'EastEnders' spoilers: Rocky Cant plans to flee the Square!

Rocky Cant and Kathy Beale in EastEnders
Rocky Cant is struggling with his lies to Kathy Beale and Sonia Fowler. (Image credit: BBC)

Rocky Cant is terrified that Sandy Gibson will blow his cover in Monday's episode of EastEnders (8:00 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Rocky is feeling nervous about his upcoming court appearance for keying the car of Sonia's married fling Ethan, worried about what punishment awaits him.

Meanwhile, Dotty Cotton is flooded with relief when her missing mum Sandy Gibson turns up in the club. She tells Sandy that she's getting the money together for her to go to rehab and she offers her a place to stay.

When Rocky gets back from court, Dotty breaks the news that Sandy is back and she tells Rocky she needs him to get more money out of Peter Beale.

Rocky is alarmed when Sandy appears and is clearly suspicious about why he's in Walford. Terrified that his lie is about to be exposed, Rocky tells Dotty he can't deal with pretending to be Sonia Fowler's dad any longer and he's leaving the Square - tomorrow!

Chelsea Fox talks to Gray Atkins in EastEnders

Gray Atkins wants out of the wedding to Chelsea! (Image credit: BBC)

Gray Atkins is taken aback when his mother-in-law to be Denise Fox wants reassurance that he's marrying Chelsea Fox for the right reasons. He promises Denise that he loves Chelsea and wants her to be his wife.

But there's trouble ahead when Chelsea discovers that mum Denise Fox has booked her wedding to Jack Branning on the same day as her OWN nuptials! They've both opted for a civil ceremony on Christmas Day!

Chelsea smarts when Denise points out that she and Gray are rushing into things. Determined to prove her wrong, she invites Denise and Jack to lunch to show them that she and Gray are a united couple.

Gray, meanwhile, is getting more and more terrified about how much the wedding is going to stretch his already very thin finances. Covering to Chelsea, he suggests that they wait a while.

Chelsea is infuriated by Gray's request, assuming that her mum has talked him out of the wedding. She angrily confronts Denise and tells her that there's no way she's changing her plans. They're getting married on Christmas Day whether Denise likes it or not!

Janine Butcher serves Peter Beale in EastEnders

Janine Butcher plots to get one over on Peter Beale! (Image credit: BBC)

Janine Butcher overhears Peter Beale talking about putting in a bid to sponsor the Square's traditional Christmas tree and she starts getting ideas. 

When Liam Butcher turns up in the Vic, she flirts with a customer so that Liam can swipe his car keys! Liam, unfortunately, doesn't take the hint, leaving Janine annoyed.

Meanwhile, Mick Carter is mithering about money but when Janine suggests sponsoring the Square's Christmas tree would be great for business he agrees it would be worth a punt.

Also, Kat Slater's not best pleased as Sharon Watts opens up to Phil Mitchell, telling him about granddaughter baby Alyssa and revealing she's going for joint custody with Alyssa's mum Jada.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Tuesday at 8:00 pm.

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