EastEnders spoilers: Sharon Watts begs Phil Mitchell for help!

Sharon Watts visits Phil Mitchell in prison
Sharon Watts visits Phil Mitchell in prison. (Image credit: BBC)

Sharon Watts asks Phil Mitchell to contemplate the unthinkable in Thursday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings)

Sharon Watts is deeply troubled after catching Ben Mitchell brutally beating on a man for his homophobic comments. 

Worried that Ben is in no state to run any of dad Phil Mitchell's businesses, she approaches Phil's girlfriend Kat Slater, and asks her to make sure Ben keeps away.

When Kat is dismissive of Sharon's claim that Ben's too fragile to deal with the businesses, Sharon realises she only has one other option. She visits Phil in prison to tell him what she saw.

Knowing that the only way to save Ben from going down a destructive path is to have his dad around, she pleads with Phil to reconsider Keeble's offer to grass in exchange for a get out of jail card.

But Phil has always stood firm that he's not that man and refused to take up Keeble's offer. Will Sharon be able to get him to change his mind?

Bernie Taylor leads a strike at the call centre

Bernie Taylor leads a strike at the call centre! (Image credit: BBC)

Vinny Panesar realises he's in BIG trouble with Bernie Taylor leading a walkout of staff over the new contract situation. He desperately encourages them to go back in and get to work and he almost gets through to Bernie.

When Bernie spots Rainie Highway with baby Roland Highway, her heart breaks all over again at giving him up and it only hardens her resolve to continue the stand off with Vinny.

Desperate, Vinny asks Dotty Cotton to do something before his mum Suki Panesar finds out.

Dotty threatens to fire Bernie, but that only riles her even more. She then goes off to get some paperwork that 'proves' the contract changes are legal.

Will Dotty talk Bernie round?

Jean Slater tries on Linda Carter's scarf

Stacey Slater has been trying to work out how to get her ill mum to the docs for weeks. (Image credit: BBC)

It's the anniversary of the much-missed Kush Kazemi's death and his ex-lover and good friend Kat Slater and Martin Fowler get together to remember the good times.

Stacey Slater, however, is distracted as she's more concerned about making sure her mum Jean Slater gets to her doctor's appointment to discuss her mental health.

After Harvey Monroe's intervention, Jean at least makes it to the doctor's appointment, despite being adamant that she's completely fine.

With the doctor attempting to go through how she's been feeling recently and how she's doing with her meds, will Jean gets the help she so clearly needs

Also, Rocky Cotton cheekily asks Kathy Beale for a date as recompense when he retrieves her stolen handbag from a thief!

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Monday at 7:30 pm.

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