EastEnders spoilers: who is mysterious Maya Houssain?

maya Houssain standing in Albert Square
Maya Houssain arouses some suspicion. (Image credit: BBC)

Maya Houssain has some business with Harvey Monroe in Thursday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. See our TV Guide for full listings)

Maya Houssain has made a mysterious arrival in the Square after taking a lift with cabbie Harvey Monroe. The pair soon hit it off over their shared love of Spurs and the beautiful game and Harvey was delighted to have someone to chat to.

Feeling a bit lonely recently, Harvey has struggled to find a mate to spend time with. He arranges to meet Martin Fowler for a drink and is left disappointed when Martin makes his excuses to check on a troubled Zack Hudson.

A glum Harvey instantly cheers up when the mysterious Maya turns up in the pub and reveals she's brought him a vintage football programme.

Harvey introduces Maya to Jean, who leaves them to their football conversation. Kat Slater is suspicious about Maya but does she have something to be worried about?

Ravi Gulati in Walford East restaurant with children Nuget Gulati and Avani Nandra Hart

Ravi Gulati is interrogated by his kids! (Image credit: BBC)

Ravi Gulati is determined to stand by his decision to cut Nish Panesar out of the family completely. 

Despite often siding with his nefarious dad, after Ravi found Nish attacking his ex Suki Panesar, he couldn't forgive him and physically threw him out of the family home, insisting he never returned.

Now Nish is back in the Square with the revelation that he's not gone long to live, Ravi's being forced into a decision after Nish's plea to be let back into the family fold.

When Ravi's upset son Nugget Gulati hits out that he'd never let Ravi die alone, no matter what he'd done, he's given food for thought.

Meanwhile, in the hospital, Nish goes for an appointment with his consultant. 

Will he get bad news?

Junior Knight standing outside the cafe

Junior Knight wants to bring the family together. (Image credit: BBC)

Junior Knight is determined to reunite his half-sisters Anna Knight and Gina Knight with their mum Cindy Beale. 

He invites the three of them to meet him at Peggy's but instead of making peace they're all soon arguing!

The girls are finding it difficult to forgive Cindy for causing trouble between dad George Knight and his fiancee Elaine Knight and upsetting the family.

Later, Anna and Gina head to McKlunky's and Anna is terrified when she's targeted by a thief who snatches her bag!

Cindy Beale leaning against a wall eating a bag of chips

Cindy Beale is on the outer with son Peter Beale! (Image credit: BBC)

Also, Lauren Branning thanks Peter Beale for being there for her while she's struggling and standing up for her with his mum Cindy Beale.

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Monday at 7:30 pm.