‘Holby City’ spoilers: Will Jac Naylor and Nicky McKendrick die?

Jac Naylor risks her life to comfort Nicky
Jac Naylor risks her life to comfort Nicky (Image credit: BBC)

Jac Naylor and Nicky McKendrick face an agonising death this week in Holby City (Tuesday 22 February 2022 at 7.50pm on BBC1 - See our TV Guide for listings). Elsewhere, Billie Faber goes into labour in terrifying circumstances.

Full Holby City spoilers below…

Jac Naylor in anthrax horror

Jac Naylor has reluctantly agreed to Nicky McKendrick’s return to work following a suspension period. This week she begins to question this decision when Eli Ebrahimi breaks some news… Nicky is more determined than ever to save the life of her mentor!

After pulling an all-nighter to study Jac’s brain tumour scans in secret, Nicky grabs a coffee and picks up her post. But her life flashes before her when she opens an envelope that contains a sympathy card, a picture of her serial killer ex, Cameron Dunn, and white powder claiming to be anthrax!

She’s sitting in an empty theatre frozen in fear when Jac comes in to confront her - only to be exposed to a nightmare scenario. 

Terrified Nicky faces death.

Death in the post for terrified Nicky? (Image credit: BBC)

Jac (Rosie Marcel) orders Nicky (Belinda Owusu) to stay absolutely still while she raises the alarm. A major incident is declared and the hospital goes into lockdown, as it's revealed there’s more than one package. Seeing how petrified Nicky is, Jac bravely decides to stay with her in the sealed-off theatre.

With emotions running high, Jac confronts Nicky, who’s considering signing adoption papers for her daughter Juliet to live with colleague Eli (Davood Ghadami) and his wife, Amelia (Lucy Briggs-Owen). Nicky in turn challenges Jac over her decision to spend her dying days working instead of with her daughter Emma.

Meanwhile, the decontamination experts get to work while the terrified medics anxiously await test results on the powder.

Will Jac and Nicky die together?

Jac Naylor in protective clothing awaits the test results.

Waiting game. With the clock ticking Jac and Nicky open up. What secrets will they reveal?  (Image credit: BBC)

Also in ‘Holby City’ this week…

Nicky and Jac aren’t the only people exposed to the anthrax terror. Henrik Hanssen (Guy Henry) is with Billie Faber (Delainey Hayles) when he opens a similar envelope.

Trying to appear calm, he isolates them in the boardroom, where Billie goes into labour. Suddenly Hanssen must deliver her baby! Will they all get out alive?

Hanssen appears calm as the alarm is raised.

Grace under pressure. Hanssen appears calm and rolls up his sleeves when Billie's contractions start. (Image credit: BBC)

Meanwhile, Billie’s dad Russ Faber (Simon Slater) is stuck outside a police cordon with no idea that his daughter is pregnant. How will he react when Hanssen calls him with an update? 

Shocked Russ gets a life-changing call.

Call of duty. Russ learns the truth about Billie. Is he ready to be a grandad?  (Image credit: BBC)

With Hanssen in isolation, Fletch (Alex Walkinshaw) declares a major incident and orchestrates a lockdown. 

Will he rise to the challenge? Spoiler alert: You bet he will!

Fletch has a tough day trying to contain a major incident.

Man of action. Can Fletch ensure all his colleagues live? (Image credit: BBC)

AAU remains open and has more detectives than Line of Duty. Madge Britton (Clare Burt) attempts to track down the sender of the deadly anthrax. But she mistakenly leaves her phone where Ange Godard (Dawn Steele) can see it. As Madge rushes off to follow a lead, Ange notices a message from Regina Marriott (Karen Ascoe), which indicates that Madge is a double-agent.

With Madge otherwise occupied Ange goes on the hunt for concrete evidence - will she find it?

Ange turns detective - what will she find?

Mother of god! What will Ange discover? (Image credit: BBC)

And finally, Eli silently faces a harrowing personal ordeal. Prior to the anthrax threat he hands Nicky adoption papers for baby Juliet. But you get the feeling he's deeply concerned about Nicky, baby Juliet and wife Amelia for different reasons. And his worries don't lessen as the day continues...

Meanwhile, locked in isolation, Nicky weighs up her options as she faces an uncertain future. Given she could die soon, will she sign the life-changing forms?

Worried Eli in his office. Is he facing heartbreak?

Impossible situation. Is Eli facing heartbreak. (Image credit: BBC)

Check out our special interview with Belinda Owusu, who plays Nicky, for more on this story and the Holby City finale.

This episode of Holby City airs on Tuesday Feb. 22 2022 at 7.50pm on BBC1 and will be available on BBC iPlayer afterwards.

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