‘Home and Away’ spoilers: Can Logan Bennett get through to Dean Thompson?

Dean Thompson and Logan Bennett in Home and Away
Dean Thompson is being difficult, but Logan won't rise to it. (Image credit: Endemol Shine)

As he faces a tough round of physiotherapy, Dean Thompson (played Patrick O’Connor) is determined to go it alone, but his doctor Logan Bennett has other ideas in Home and Away (6.00pm - see our TV Guide for full listings).

When Dean had his first physiotherapy session, his girlfriend Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman) arrived to find him struggling and in pain, but as she wondered if he needed more medication, he not only ordered her to leave but told the physiotherapist to do one, too!

Dean knows he’s got a tough time ahead of him and that it’s probably not going to be pretty, so he doesn’t want to his loved ones to see him going through it.

Following Dean’s meltdown, Ziggy grabs Logan and Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir) from Salt and they head back to the hospital where they get a hostile reaction from Dean.

Mackenzie, Ziggy and Logan talk about Dean in Home and Away.

Dean is hostile towards Mackenzie, Ziggy and Logan. (Image credit: Endemol Shine)

When Logan asks Dean about his medication, the patient snaps but the doctor is unfazed and downplays his behavior.

Dean notes that Ziggy has brought reinforcements, but tells them all that they need to go because the physio is something he needs to do on his own.

Dean Thompson and Logan Bennett in Home and Away

Dean is given food for thought by Dr Logan Bennett. (Image credit: Endemol Shine)

Logan, however, isn’t going anywhere and laughs off Dean’s attempts to get rid of him and tells him that he doesn’t give up on his patients so he’s stuck with him!

As the thick-skinned doctor spends more time with his patient and gives him food for thought with a story from his army days, will Dean eventually realise that he needs his loved ones around him as he continues on the road to recovery?

Ziggy Astoni in Home and Away

Ziggy thinks Mackenzie should give Logan a call! (Image credit: Endemol Shine)

Later, at Salt, Mackenzie reiterates to Ziggy that she’s not interested in Logan and is glad that she turned him down for a date because she doesn’t need more drama in her life.

Ziggy, however, doesn’t believe her and it seems Logan doesn’t think she’s for real either because he’s left a coaster on the bar with his name and number on it, plus a message for Mackenzie to call him if she changes her mind! 

Mackenzie Booth in Home and Away

Will Mackenzie change her mind about Logan? (Image credit: Endemol Shine)

Tori Morgan (Penny McNamee) and Christian Green (Ditch Davey) are being real wedding bores as they try to decide on a venue and order a load of stuff for their big day, but they soon discover that planning a wedding while drinking lots of wine isn’t a good idea!

Leah Patterson-Baker and Justin Morgan in Home and Away

Leah and Justin talk about what to do with their recent windfall. (Image credit: Endemol Shine)

Now that John Palmer (Shane Withington) is going to be the new owner of the garage, Leah Patterson-Baker (Ada Nicodemou) and Justin Morgan (James Stewart) discuss what they should do with the money they were going to use to buy the garage.

Leah tells Justin that it might be a good idea if he finished his business course and let Ziggy take over the garage while he’s gone. However, when he goes to speak to Ziggy, she blindsides him by asking for time off to look after Dean…

Alf and Martha Stewart in Home and Away

Martha's planning a trip, but why doesn't Alf want to go? (Image credit: Endemol Shine)

Martha Stewart (Belinda Giblin) is planning a trip to visit a well-known, but reclusive artist, who has reached out to her. It would also give her a chance to check up on her son, Kieran, but Alf (Ray Meagher) isn’t keen. He makes all kinds of excuses to get out of it, but what’s the real reason?

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