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'Neighbours' spoilers: Can Jesse Porter be trusted?

Neighbours spoilers, Jesse Porter
Jesse Porter is suddenly very interested in the goings-on at Lassiters on Neighbours. WHAT is he up to? (Image credit: Channel 5)

Jesse Porter (played by Cameron Robbie) doesn't appear to be the sharpest tool in the box on Neighbours! (Channel 5, 5.30pm - see our TV Guide for listings)

But then again, maybe he's just been playing dumb all this time?

The Flamingo Bar employee is suddenly taking a great interest in the business side of things at Lassiters.

Especially now he's involved in a secret fake romance with Harlow Robinson (Jemma Donovan), granddaughter of Lassiters bossman Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis).

But Harlow and Paul are unaware that Jesse has an ulterior motive with all his curious questions. And when Jesse finds himself left alone in the office at Lassiters, he gets up to something rather SNEAKY.

Neighbours spoilers, Harlow Robinson, Jesse Porter

Harlow and Jesse are enjoying their fake romance on Neighbours. (Image credit: Channel 5)

The search is on for Nicolette Stone (Charlotte Chimes)...

Nicolette's girlfriend Chloe Brennan (April Rose Pengilly) starts to worry when there's no sign of pregnant Nicolette around the grounds of the winery.

Winery owner Leo Tanaka (Tim Kano) and Hendrix Greyson (Benny Turland) join the search for missing Nicolette. But the trio are unaware that Nicolette has fallen and hurt herself.

Will they find her before something terrible happens to Nicolette and her unborn baby?

Neighbours spoilers, Chloe Brennan, Hendrix Greyson, Leo Tanaka

Chloe, Hendrix and Leo start searching the grounds of the winery for missing Nicolette on Neighbours. (Image credit: Channel 5)

Amy Greenwood (Jacinta Stapleton) is still trying to bury her feelings for employee Ned Willis (Ben Hall), so she sets barman Ned up on a blind date with a gal called Fifi Devenue (Carly Daniels).

But when Amy just happens to pop into Harold's Cafe where Ned and Fifi are on their date, she doesn't fail to notice there is a spark of chemistry between them.

Suddenly feeling jealous, will Amy attempt to sabotage the date?

Neighbours spoilers, Ned Willis, Amy Greenwood, Fifi Devenue

Amy sets Ned up on a blind date with Fifi on Neighbours! (Image credit: Channel 5)

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5