'Handmade: Britain's Best Woodworker' — everything we know about Mel Giedroyc's new carpentry show

Handmade: Britain's Best Woodworker
Mel Giedroyc will host Channel 4's new carpentry show (Image credit: Channel 4)

Handmade: Britain's Best Woodworker will see some of Britain's best woodworkers pushing themselves to the limit in a brand new C4 series that's been billed as an artisan's answer to The Great British Bake Off

Former presenter of the hit bakery show, Mel Giedroyc, will be hosting as six hopefuls create a collection of wooden creations, both big and small, in a bid to win the competition. Here's everything you need to know about Handmade: Britain's Best Woodworker... 

'Handmade: Britain's Best Woodworker' host Mel Giedroyc — "The show's vibe is so strong"

Handmade: Britain's Best Woodworker release date

Handmade: Britain's Best Woodworker (formerly called Good With Wood) will be debuting on Channel 4 on Thursday 21st October at 8 pm, with a new episode of the six-part series airing each week. 

Handmade: Britain's Best Woodworker

Contestants will have to complete a 'Big Build' and a 'Skills Test' every week (Image credit: Channel 4)

How will Handmade: Britain's Best Woodworker work?

Nine woodworkers will be challenged to craft beautiful and ambitious builds to exacting briefs over a series of competitive rounds taking place in a stunning woodland setting. 

Each episode of the six-part series centers around a "Big Build" in which the contestants will create large and imaginative wooden structures and objects, as expert judges scrutinize their designs, techniques and skills. 

In every episode, the competitors will also be asked to complete a "skills test", which will secure the winner immunity from being sent home that week. The competitors will be pushed to their limits and whittled down over six weeks, until only one remains.

Who are the Handmade: Britain's Best Woodworker judges? 

Helen Welch has been working with wood and building furniture for over 35 years. In 2013 she founded The London School of Furniture in South Tottenham, running regular courses for amateur furniture makers.

Alex Di Rijke is an architect, timber architecture advocate, educationalist and architectural photographer, who co-founded the architecture practice, dRMM, in 1995.

Handmade: Britain's Best Woodworker, Mel Giedroyc with judges Helen Welch and Alex Di Rijke

Mel Giedroyc with judges Helen Welch and Alex Di Rijke. (Image credit: C4)

Who presents Handmade: Britain's Best Woodworker?

Handmade: Britain's Best Woodworker will be presented by comedian Mel Giedroyc, who previously hosted The Great British Bake Off with her comedy partner Sue Perkins.

She recently starred alongside Perkins in Sky 1 comedy-drama Hitmen, and in the past, has presented BBC One’s The Generation Game, Let It Shine and various Eurovision TV events.

"In the words of Ian Faith, the manager of Spinal Tap, '... in the topsy-turvy world of heavy rock, having a good solid piece of wood in your hand is often useful,'"' says Mel. 

"I would add to that by saying that in the topsy-turvy world of 2020 IN GENERAL, having a good solid piece of wood in your hand is pretty much ESSENTIAL. So, if you go down to the woods today, you're in for a big surprise. Handmade: Britain's Best Woodworker is going to be something we can all lean on. I can't wait to make like Edward Woodward and get WOODSWARD."

Karen Plumb from producers Plimsoll Productions adds: "In a throwaway world, more and more people are turning to woodwork to connect them to nature and their creativity. We're delighted to be making this escapist and ambitious competition for Channel 4."

Is there a Handmade: Britain's Best Woodworker trailer? 

Yes there is, check it out below...

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