'Gregg Wallace’s Big Weekend Away' season 2 — everything you need to know

Gregg Wallace's Big Weekend Away season 2 - Amsterdam
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Gregg Wallace’s Big Weekend Away season 2 is well underway!

The series sees the beloved Masterchef UK presenter and broadcaster taking weekend trips away to fabulous cities across the whole of Europe. On every trip, he tries to cram in loads of stuff to make the most of his journeys.

From trying traditional dishes to trying on traditional outfits, you’ll see Gregg getting up to all sorts on his jolly holidays! 

Here’s everything you need to know about Gregg Wallace’s Big Weekend Away season 2! 

Gregg Wallace’s Big Weekend Away season 2 release date 

Gregg Wallace’s Big Weekend Away season 2 began on May 12, 2021 on Channel 5, continuing on Fridays at 8pm. If you’ve missed any of Gregg’s adventures so far, you can find them all on My5

How many episodes of Gregg Wallace’s Big Weekend Away are there? 

The second season of Gregg Wallace’s Big Weekend Away is six episodes long.

Where has Gregg been so far? 

In Gregg Wallace’s Big Weekend Away, Gregg has already visited plenty of landmarks and tasted lots of lush food! He started out the second series in Athens, Greece, where he learned about the birth of the Olympics and the world of Greek mythology. He even managed to pack in a visit to the Acropolis, too!

Then he spent three days in Istanbul, Turkey, where he sampled street food on a unique food crawl through a whole host of vendors and then had his fortune told using coffee grains! 

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His third trip took him to Budapest, the capital of Hungary, where he visited one of the largest castles in Europe, toured the city in a Cold War-era Jeep and watched an impressive display of horsemanship.

Week four saw him travelling to Berlin where he learned about the city’s amazing history, tried some classic German cuisine and then threw himself into the nightlife when he attended a rave!

On Friday, June 11 he’s heading to Amsterdam in the Netherlands for a sightseeing tour of the city’s canals and art galleries, and then his final getaway to Vienna, Austria will be broadcast on June 17!

Is there a trailer?

Channel 5 has teased what Gregg gets up to in a few clips, but to get the best idea of what the show really looks like, watch the clip below!

Mostly, it’s Gregg Wallace trying a whole host of food and getting up to a fair bit of mischief as he tours Europe!

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