Is 'Lupin' available in English?

Omar Sy (as the character Luis Perenna) eyes the Queen's Necklace in the Netflix series "Lupin."
Omar Sy (as the character Luis Perenna) eyes the Queen's Necklace in the Netflix series "Lupin." (Image credit: Netflix)

Lupin is best enjoyed in its native French language. We'll just come out and say that from the jump. It's a big part of the flavor of the series about the gentleman thief.

But despite Lupin being the biggest new title for Netflix in the first quarter of 2021 with some 76 million member households checking it out, not everyone speaks French. And so it's fair to ask if Lupin is available in English.

The short version is that, yes, you can watch Lupin dubbed in English. It's also available dubbed in German, Spanish and Italian, as well as in its original French. There also are "audio description" versions available in English, Spanish and French, for those with visual impairments.

Seriously, though — give Lupin a shot in its native French, first. It's so much better that way. (Same goes for other notable non-English series on Netflix like Who Killed Sara?)

Meanwhile, there also are options on the subtitles front. You can get subtitles in English, English close-captioned (with additional descriptions), Spanish, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, and in French (with closed captions). 

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The series is based on the book by Maurice Leblanc (opens in new tab) and tells the story of Assane Diop (Omar Sy), the son of an immigrant who is seeking revenge on the family who disgraced his father and ultimately led to his death. Diop assumes the character of Arsène Lupin, a "gentleman thief" who's a sort of mix between Robin Hood and a more modern Sherlock Holmes. There's no situation he can't get himself out of (or into, for that matter), and he's always thought things through further than you'd expect.

Part 2 of Lupin lands on Netflix on June 11.

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