Lost Treasures of Egypt season 4: release date, Tutankhamun murder? and everything we know

The burial mask of Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun
Lost Treasures of Egypt season 4 will look into Tutankhamun's death. (Image credit: Hannes Magerstaedt/Getty Images)

Lost Treasures of Egypt season 4 will once again see the mysteries of ancient Egypt unlocked, including the suspicious death of Tutankhamun.

The new eight-part National Geographic series is promising "the best ever discovery" from an archaeologist in the show's history.

Lost Treasures will follow the real-life Indiana Jones-style archaeologists through a full season of evacuations in Egypt as they explore pyramids, uncover long-lost tombs and unearth ancient mummies. 

Among the highlights is Dr Basem Gehad looking into one of the best-preserved mummies from the age of Cleopatra where he digs further into the beliefs of the Egyptians. 

The opening episode of the series will see them looking into the strange death of Tutankhamun. Was the boy king murdered? Here’s everything we know…

Lost Treasures of Egypt Season 4 release date

Lost Treasures of Egypt season 4 arrives in the US and UK on Sunday, October 2. All of National Geographic's content can be watched with a Disney Plus subscription.

Lost Treasures of Egypt season 4 episode summaries

Lost Treasures of Egypt season 4 logo

(Image credit: National Geographic)

Episode one — Tutankhamun's Death

Was Tutankhamun murdered? Egyptologist Aliaa Ismail looks into the circumstance’s surrounding his death and experts unearth the find of the season from the era after the boy King’s death. Plus they make a shocking discovery that could explain more about why ancient Egyptians often died so young.

Episode two — Secrets Of the Nile

The mighty Nile is the subject of this episode as the experts explore how the river transformed ancient Egypt. They also unlock a magnificent 4000-year-old tomb cut into the banks of the Nile.

Episode three — Ramses: Egypt's Greatest Dynasty

Egyptologists believe they've found an amazing tomb from the time of Ramses. Plus in the tomb of Ramses' architect, the team discovers a burial chamber piled high with ancient mummies.

Episode four — Mummy Hunters

If there's one thing everyone knows about ancient Egypt it's mummies. Here the experts hint for clues on how the Royal mummies have survived in such good condition.

Episode five — Secrets Of The Lost Pyramids

Among the gems in this episode is an excavation of the long-lost tomb of pharaoh Sahure — Egypt’s only pyramid tomb yet to be explored.

Episode six — Alexander The Great

The episode explores how Alexander became pharaoh. Plus the team uncovers a unique catacomb that reveals the legacy of Alexander's reign.

Episode seven — Rise of Cleopatra

Among the highlights is a search for Cleopatra's lost Tomb and an investigation into how she exploited religion to achieve her goals.

Episode eight — Rise of the Pyramids

Experts launch a bid to find the first true period and uncover the world's oldest industrial-scale brewery which made the pyramids possible.

Is there a trailer?

Sadly not yet.

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