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Manifest season 4: release date, how to watch and everything we know about the show

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Manifest is about a passenger plane mysteriously disappearing and then reappearing five years later. The show has managed its own reappearing act after it was canceled following three seasons on NBC but finding new life on Netflix for its fourth an final season.

We’ve seen other shows find second lives on different networks or by making the move to streaming in recent years, including the likes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Cobra Kai and Lucifer. Fan outcry helped keep these shows alive and Manifest is another example of this.

Whether you’re already one of them or want to see what all the fuss is about, here’s everything you need to know about Manifest season 4.

When is the Manifest season 4 release date?

Manifest season 4 part 1 premieres on Netflix on Friday, November 4. This first half of the final season consists of 10 episodes.

Netflix has taken to breaking up some of its big TV shows recently, including with the final season of Ozark and the most recent season of Stranger Things. No info was given on when fans can expect Manifest season 4 part 2

What is the plot of Manifest?

Manifest was created by Jeff Rake (The Mysteries of Laura) and follows the passengers of Montego Air Flight 828, a commercial airliner that reappears after having been missing for five years, though the passengers and crew haven’t aged. As the world moved on without them, they attempt to reintegrate into society but soon begin hearing voices and experiencing visions of things yet to happen, revealing another layer to their mystery.

The three seasons of Manifest have focused on trying to learn more about these strange phenomenas, as well as the impact that the events have had on the passengers of Flight 828.

Season 3 ended with a lot of things up in the air. This included Ben's wife, Grace, being murdered by Angelina, who also kidnaps their baby; Cal disappears after touching the plane's tail fin and then returns five years older but claiming he knows what she has to do; and finally, the flight's captain reappears in the cockpit to only disappear again seconds later and take the remains of the plane with him.

Here is what we know about the plot of Manifest season 4:

It's two years later, but Ben is still in depression over losing his wife and the kidnapping of his child, who remains missing. Meanwhile, Cal must figure out what happened to him and how it impacts the great mystery while dealing with still feeling like a boy but looking like a grownup.

The final season also is poised to unpack more of the mystery of what really happened to the passengers during the moment of turbulence and why they've been dealing with "callings" since.

Who is in the Manifest cast?

There were a number of passengers aboard Flight 828, but Manifest drills its focus down mainly to the Stone family and a small group of other survivors most of the time.

Playing the members of the Stone family are Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela, Josh Dallas as Ben, Athena Karkanis as Grace, Luna Blaise as Olive and Jack Messina as Cal.

Other main members of the cast (appearing in every episode) include J.R. Ramirez as Jared Vasquez and Pavreen Kaur as Saanvi Bahl.

Additional cast members include Matt Long, Daryl Edwards, Holly Taylor, Ellen Tamaki, Ed Herbstman, Andrene Ward-Hammond, Jared Grimes and Tim Moriarty.

Is there a Manifest season 4 trailer?

Netflix has released a teaser trailer for the final season of Manifest:

How to watch Manifest

Manifest was saved in large part because fans discovered it on Netflix. And now with the final season being pushed out by the streaming service, you can watch all episodes of Manifest past and future on Netflix. Of course this requires a subscription service to Netflix.

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