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'The Love Trap' on Channel 4 — start date, premise, host and everything you need to know

The Love Trap host Joel Dommett.
The Love Trap host Joel Dommett. (Image credit: Getty Images)

The Love Trap is a dating show heading to Channel 4 soon and is made by the creators of the popular Netflix series Too Hot To Handle. It will be an 8 part series that's sure to get fans binging, and it sounds like there's plenty of drama in store for us too. So once you're done with Love Island 2021, this could be your next must-watch dating series.

A source told The Sun: "It’s reality TV and a game show all rolled into one and will explore how people form genuine ­relationships and connections. There are 12 female ­contestants who, over a series of dates, will try to win the heart of one single man."

Here's what we know so far...

The Love Trap release date

There's no confirmed release date for The Love Trap just yet, all we know is that it's set to air on Channel 4 "later this year". We'll keep you updated when that changes!

What is the premise of The Love Trap?

The Love Trap follows 12 female ­contestants who are all trying to impress one man, so the competition will be tough! If that wasn't dramatic enough, there's a twist, as only half of the women on the series are genuine.

It's up to the male contestant to work out who actually wants to date him, and who is just in it for the cash prize. Meanwhile, the women will try their best to convince him that they are indeed genuine, and try to avoid being dumped. The dumping is particularly brutal too, as it involves a literal trap door!

The source added: "Each of the female ­contestants will be going all out to prove they are genuine. And the man will then dump whoever he thinks is trying to con him —through the Love Trap."

Who is hosting The Love Trap?

The Masked Singer and The Masked Dancer host Joel Dommett will present The Love Trap. Speaking about his new hosting duties, he said: "I love lying, love and trap doors so it’s all I’ve ever wanted. It’s genuinely a huge idea and I’m excited they have trusted me at the helm."

Is there a trailer yet?

Nope — but watch this space!

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