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'Undercover Big Boss' — ITV release date, premise, trailer, and all you need to know

Undercover Big Boss
Undercover Boss — self-made millionaire Alfie Best, who features in the first episode, in Essex with his Rolls Royce and park workers. (Image credit: Studio Lambert )

The global and Emmy award-winning hit Undercover Boss from Studio Lambert returns with a brand new four-part series Undercover Big Boss. This series will have a new group of chief execs and company bosses swap their pristine suits for overalls as they go behind closed doors to work on their own shop floors in disguise. 

After the global pandemic that greatly affected companies across the nation, it is more timely than ever that the rebooted series will be brimming with emotion as Britain attempts to reopen its working doors once again. 

This will not be a smooth process though, as the gap between millionaire bosses and their workers grows bigger, we’re in for big challenges, trials, and tribulations as UK firms face their largest obstacle yet — survival. But, of course, there will be big rewards in store too.

ITV Factual Commissioner Kate Teckman said to ITV that: "As we come out of the pandemic it’s clear that there’s never been a bigger gap between the multimillionaire bosses and their workers, so this is the perfect time to bring viewers an all-new Undercover Big Boss as we see how they will fare swapping their corporate dinners for packed lunches and what changes they will make for their workers.”

Undercover Big Boss release date 

The series will air on ITV on Thursday 5 August at 9pm.

What happens in Undercover Big Boss? 

Bosses from some of Britain’s biggest businesses will be featured on this series such as, Pickfords, the UK’s largest removals company, Bristol Street Motors, one of the biggest car dealerships in the UK, Wyldecrest Parks, the largest Residential Park and Holiday Home operator in the UK, and Euro Foods Group, a leading UK-based international food distributor. These bosses will be joining their employees working at the bottom of the ladder and reliving emotional memories of the lives they had long left behind. 

We’ll be exploring how these large companies have been heavily impacted by the pandemic, and company owners will experience the raw reality of what their workers often face and see their businesses through the eyes of their employees. 

At the end of their intense week, what changes will they make? And what rewards will be given?

Is there a trailer?

Not at the moment, but we’ll update this page when one comes out!

Grace Morris
Grace Morris

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