Who's on 'Real Time With Bill Maher' this week?

Bill Maher on his HBO show "Real Time With Bill Maher."
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Friday nights are a sacred time for television, no matter your persuasion. Maybe it's family time. Maybe it's sports. Maybe it's a movie to wind down the week.

Or maybe it's spending an hour with Real Time With Bill Maher on HBO, with his mix of irreverence and comedy and provocative interviews. Maybe you love him. Maybe you hate him. Maybe you hate to love him. Or love to hate him. Or whatever. It's almost always interesting, and quite often goes over the line, wherever that line may be.

Here's who's on Real Time With Bill Maher for April 23, 2021:

This week's in-person studio interview will be with former Vanity Fair contributing editor, star of Netflix's Pretend It's a City, and all-around New York City badass Fran Lebowitz.

After that, the in-studio panel discussion will include S.E. Cupp, CNN contributor and host of S.E. Cupp: Unfilitered, and April Ryan, who is the author of At Mama's Knee: Mothers and Race in Black and White and the D.C. bureau chief and White House correspondent for TheGrio.com.

Real Time With Bill Maher, now in its 19th season, is broadcast live from 10 to 11 p.m. Eastern time (that's 7 to 8 p.m. on the West Coast) on Friday nights on HBO and on demand at HBO Max. It'll replay on HBO at 12:05 a.m. Eastern. (Previous full seasons of Real Time With Bill Maher also are available for purchase on your favorite digital outlet.) 

HBO Max is available on every major streaming platform for $14.99 a month, same as the legacy HBO service that's all but gone. That means you can watch HBO Max on Roku, or watch HBO Max on Amazon Fire TV, which takes care of the two biggest platforms in the world. It's also available on Google TV, Android TV, Apple TV, various smart TV platforms, and on the web.

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