'I fancy Dale to win', says Craig Phillips

'I fancy Dale to win', says Craig Phillips
'I fancy Dale to win', says Craig Phillips

The first Big Brother winner and star of ITV1's 60 Minute Makeover Craig Phillips sorts out the men from the boys and girl's-next-door from the minxes in his weekly chat with whatsontv.co.uk. OK Craig, who's going to be evicted this Friday?

"I think Mohamed will probably go. I think the public will want to see what happens with Sylvia – she’s got a boyfriend, but she's been moving on Stuart. I think it’s going to happen with Stuart. It’s quite interesting how it’s going with her and Jen; Sylvia’s being very two-faced with her. Sylvia said to a couple of the other girls that she didn’t trust Stuart, then moments later she’s whispering to him that everyone else in the house thinks you’re a spy. She’s going to hate seeing that when she comes out." The interview continues below...

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Why Mohamed?

"I just don’t think he’s entertaining enough for the public to want to keep him in there. I think with Sylvia, if the public think that they could get a little bit of cheek out of her, they’d rather keep her in." How do you feel the Big Brother house has developed since Alexandra was removed?

"After she left the house everyone was immediately happier; just hours afterwards housemates were on much more of a high and just personally I've found it much more pleasurable to watch. "Stuart's a cock among hens. He’s spiced it up hasn’t he? The other girl Sylvia, she’s not playing it too clever... Four and a half years she’s been with that guy. Stuart’s playing it very cool, but he’s going to do some damage. He’ll be odds-on to sleep with someone. Are you still a fan of Mario?

"He’s a bit sickening,actually. Watching him kissing in the bathtub and washing his girlfriend with those bizarre gloves he wears was a little bit sickening, a little bit too much. It’s a combination of being a bit sleazy and also trying to be Mr Cool. I don’t know if he’s getting paranoid or trying to build himself up, but he’s been saying Rachel is coming on to him, getting a bit touchy-feely with him. Wishful thinking I’d say!" There seems to still be a lot of tension in the Big Brother house, despite Alexandra going. Why?

"It's like Luke, he's like Stan Laurel isn’t he? I think he could be a little bit annoying if you were stuck with him for 24 hours. He talks at 100mph and veers from one thing to another. I think in short doses that could grate on you. Kathreya, when she turns the volume up in the Diary Room getting so excited that again, it’d drive you mad. When I was in the house Caggy, the girl from Birmingham, her voice just grated on me. It really really droned on. I found myself moving to other rooms when she sat down. "[The house] magnifies every quirk of personality. I’ve often said you learn a lot about yourself in that close-knit environment. Nothing much bothers me and generally I can get on with most people, but when you’re in there it’s so magnified, it gets hard to cope with." Who's the frontrunner for you?

"I still think the lad from Liverpool, Dale, will go all the way. I saw him on the Diary Room Uncut and he was standing back to start with when everyone was rushing about trying to get Stuart’s attention. I can relate to that because on my series when Nick was kicked out, Claire came in and it was a lovely breath of fresh air and I get on with her better than most in the house. But they brought in Stuart after 13 days, so they’re going a bit too mad. When Nick came in we’d been in 40 days so we were going stir crazy and we needed fresh stories and needed someone fresh. Dale to win, then?

"If he stays quiet and polite he’ll go the distance I think." CLICK here for Craig Phillips' official website.

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