Chloe Howman reveals Rita is stunned when her paedophile ex is admitted on Casualty

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What’s on TV met Casualty star Chloe Howman to talk about some interesting, but dark, developments for nurse Rita Freeman…

What goes wrong for nurse manager Rita Freeman on Saturday?

"Rita thinks her ex-husband Mark is out of her life and she’s moving on. She’s just beginning to open up again, life is OK, and she’s having fun with paramedic, Iain. But then she gets a big shock when convicted paedophile Mark is admitted to Holby ED!"

This isn’t the only shock for Rita in this episode. What else can you tell us?

"When Mark comes into the ED he’s with a girl called Fiona. The double shock is Fiona’s the girl he went to prison for having an underage relationship with. It’s awful! Fiona’s now actually of-age and her and Mark are a couple. It makes it look like maybe their relationship was meant to be, but it’s definitely not."

How was it working with Joel Beckett (pictured), who plays Mark, and Aimee Barrett, who plays Fiona?

"Aimee is excellent. It’s a really hard piece for everyone to play. Each part is difficult, but she was very good. And I thoroughly enjoyed working with Joel again. He’s a great actor and a really lovely guy."

With so many shocks in one episode is there anything left to come with this storyline?

"You never know with Casualty! It’s what keeps things interesting. Like in life, storylines in Casualty unfold. It always keeps flowing. There’s always a lot going on with Rita Freeman! We’ll see what happens…"

When you’re out and about in real life do you ever get called Rita?

"I just don’t get recognised. I think it has something to do with the fact I don’t do social media. I love my horses and I love my yoga. So if you see me walking down the street I usually have messy hair, am stinking of dogs and covered in horse hair!"

Catch Chloe in Rita’s hard-hitting storyline this Saturday on BBC1.

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