Sunetra Sarker: 'Casualty fans call Zoe and Max "Zax"'

Doctor Zoe Hanna finally stops fighting her feelings for ex lover Max in this week's Casualty - but actress Sunetra Sarker reckons the doctor and hospital porter's path to love is in serious need of repair.

Sunetra, who plays Zoe, explained: "When Zoe turned 40 last year she decided she needed to act her age. Although she really loved being with Max, with her being a consultant and him a young porter, Zoe didn’t think he could possibly be serious about her."

Sunetra, who recently competed in Strictly Come Dancing, added: "Zoe’s tried her best not to fall in love with Max. But there’s always been something in the air between them!"

Recently the couple's on-off relationship has been more off than on.

But in this week’s Casualty Zoe realises she's in love with Max and wants to have a relationship with him. Viewers will see Zoe seek out the cheeky hospital porter. Her jaw hits the floor, however, when she finds him snogging a mystery ED nurse!

Fans of the show already know hardworking Zoe has a difficult time balancing work and relationships. Her last serious beau was consultant Nick Jordan (Michael French), who left for America in February 2013.

Sunetra said: "Zoe had a very specific dynamic with Nick Jordan. The audience have seen her in love before. But with Max, bizarrely, she’s at her most relaxed. Max makes her laugh and Zoe doesn’t put on airs and graces with him."

She also revealed fans' positive reaction to the unlikely pairing have been encouraging.

"Jamie Davis, who plays Max, and I have found a way to play our humorous sides. And the reaction from fans has been brilliant. They even have this thing [on twitter] called 'Zax'. I can't believe it!"

To find out if this really is the end for Max and Zoe, tune into Casualty on BBC1, Saturday 10th January.

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