Zoe's pregnancy lie is out of control in Casualty!

Zoe's pregnancy lie is out of control in Casualty!
Zoe's pregnancy lie is out of control in Casualty! (Image credit: BBC)

Sunetra Sarker chats about Zoe's latest dilemma in Casualty (Saturday, BBC1)... Jordan believes Zoe is pregnant this week and, unable to ruin his happiness, she lets him continue thinking they are expecting their first child. How long can she pretend? We chatted to Sunetra Sarker, who plays Zoe, about her character's latest dilemma... What is the background to this week’s episode? "Zoe has fertility problems – that’s been known a long time. Her boyfriend, Jordan, wants a child, but she hasn’t told him the truth about her fertility problems. She has found out that she has a one-in-four chance she could conceive with some strong fertility drugs so she’s administrating them to herself. She’s trying to do the sensible thing and wants to be a mother even though she hasn’t figured it into her life before." What happens this week? "She’s upped the dose of the drugs as it’s not working and she knows how much Jordan wants a child, but it’s making her sick. Jordan notices and sees she’s trying to hide being ill from him so jumps to the conclusion that she’s pregnant." What does Zoe do? "She actually thinks she may well be pregnant as he plants the seed that maybe it isn’t the drugs making her ill after all. But then she takes a test and it’s negative." Does she tell Jordan? "Well, she goes to tell him she’s not pregnant, but he puts two and two together and makes five and jumps the gun and says how happy he is. And she just can’t say, 'I’m going to make you unhappy', and so she doesn’t tell him anything and lives with this awful dark secret! He thinks she’s pregnant and she’s still furiously sticking drugs inside her to get pregnant. How long can she keep up the pretence?" Is this a devious trick by Zoe? "No. She’s not trying to trick him. I think it’s a selfless moment for Zoe. The wrong she’s doing is because she is trying to make someone happy. It’s been great as it’s something new for me to play. I really enjoy the Zoe Jordan storyline." What do you enjoy watching on TV? "Lots! I love Dragons Den, The Apprentice and Modern Family - me and my husband have got addicted to it – it’s hilarious. I also like Scrubs, Spooks and Trial and Retribution. My husband makes me watch Grand Designs and I love that, too. Kevin McCloud was on the plane we were on the other day and the pair of us were so excited! And of course I have a four-year-old so I watch a lot of children’s programmes! We love Penguins From Madagascar!"

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