Aidan's torn between Maria and Eva in Corrie!

Aidan Connor wants Maria, but he's not prepared to give up Eva in a classic Corrie love triangle

Maria Connor's murder charge ordeal at the hands of deranged Caz Hammond has brought her closer to Aidan Connor, who's torn between his feelings for girlfriend Eva Price and Maria, who he recently shared a one-night stand with.

Eva exacerbated the situation by insisting Aidan stay close to Maria when she felt she was in danger from Caz, but the love triangle is now threatening to get out of control as Maria's feelings for Aidan grow… Will there be a new twist this week?


Aidan calls at Maria's flat to see how she's getting on, but Maria has a big surprise for him…

Maria admits she can't stop thinking about him and Aidan kisses her passionately.

Aidan invites Maria to spend the night with him at a hotel and she’s thrilled until he makes it clear he has no intention of finishing with girlfriend Eva. Hurt, Maria orders him to leave.

Later, having changed her mind about joining Aidan at the hotel, Maria turns up only to see him drinking champagne with Eva.

Quickly covering, Maria makes out she’s meeting a friend and, when Eva's out of earshot, she confronts Aidan…

After tearing a strip off Aidan and pointing out that he clearly doesn’t care about her or Eva, Maria slaps him and storms out.

As Maria heads home in a filthy mood, Adam Barlow approaches and insists on taking her for a drink…

Maria spots Aidan across the Street and she leans in to kiss a delighted Adam before inviting him back to her flat… Will Aidan be able to contain his jealousy? Watch Coronation Street on ITV from Monday, December 5