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Coronation Street star George Banks on Henry Newton’s plot to target Johnny and Jenny: 'It’s dark...'

Gemma and Henry are thrilled

Gemma’s beau will try to swindle money out of the pair next week when his past catches up with him...

There are tricky times in store for Coronation Street’s Henry Newton next week. The well-spoken boyfriend of loveable loudmouth Gemma Winter is accosted on the cobbles by a couple of heavies, demanding he pay back the twenty thousand pounds that the parents of his ex fiance Cressida forked out, for the wedding that never was.

Having been cut off from his trust fund by his parents, a broke Henry resorts to desperate measures to find the cash. First, he attempts to steal a cheque off Rita, then later on, whilst working at The Rover’s, he throws himself down the cellar stairs and tells new landlord and landlady Johnny and Jenny that he’s going to sue them, as he’s broken his arm.

Coronation Street George Banks gives us the lowdown on the story ahead for Henry Newton and Gemma Winter...

How genuine are Henry’s feelings for Gemma at this point?

George Banks: “I think he loves Gemma; he risked a lot by choosing to be with her. His engagement to Cressida was an arranged agreement between the families and one he was never really happy with. The time he had with Gemma previously was probably the happiest time he’s ever had.”

When Henry tries to steal from Rita, do you think this is something he has done before, or is this a one-off, out of desperation?

GB: “It’s pure desperation, because he came from a background where he never wanted for anything, and this is the first time he’s been in a situation and he can’t buy his way out of it. He’s very proud. He could just be honest with Gemma and say this is happening I need help, but his pride gets in the way.”

Henry Newton in Coronation Street

His next plan is to throw himself down the stairs, and claim on the Rovers insurance. Is this a spur of the moment thing?

GB: “I think he just sees an opportunity to get himself out of a big hole. It’s quite dark, but it’s desperation. There have been opportunities leading up to that to get his hands on the money that he’s seen and not taken, and at this point all he’s thinking is that he needs this money now, no matter what, and it’s the last resort. There are no other options on the table and, in his eyes, if he doesn’t come up with the money, he’s a dead man.”

Does this show the lengths Henry’s prepared to go to, to save his relationship with Gemma?

GB: “Yes, he’s risked a lot to be in this relationship, he’s turned his back on his family, and I think the idea of that all ending over money is devastating for Henry. It’s whether in his mind he can make the ends justify the means. In his eyes, his dishonesty is to save his relationship with Gemma, and in the back of his mind, he hopes that if she ever found that out she would accept that. It’s a risky option!”

Henry and Gemma Winter get drunk in the pub and a furious Leanne is quick to kick them out

How are you enjoying being back at Coronation Street for a second time? Did you know your character would be coming back?

GB: “I didn’t know he’d be back; I thought from how things were left with him and Gemma, it would be difficult for him to win over her affection again and make her believe he was being genuine. But Henry has worked hard to prove himself.

"I’m having a wonderful time; it’s really nice to explore the character in a bit more depth and see him evolve and it’s a pleasure working with Dolly (Dolly-Rose Campbell, who plays Gemma). We’re both very silly, and this time we’re that bit more comfortable around each other to try new things.”

Can Gemma and Henry live happily ever after?

GB: “I think they could, but Henry is hiding something. What’s nice about them is when he came back, he thought he needed to win her over with these fancy gestures but actually after that has all died down, we’ve seen how well they work together and the relationship they could have.

"Henry’s had a very privileged upbringing and as a result, he's been quite sheltered and grown up with a sense of entitlement, whereas Gemma’s had to work hard for everything so in that respect she’s the antithesis of him. But they work well together: they learn from each other. He’s helping Gemma understand her value, and she’s making him see the value of hard work. But Henry’s going to be faced with some pretty tough choices and we’ll have to see if he makes the right ones.”

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