‘Robert finds Michelle alone on a bridge…’ Kym Marsh reveals another tragic twist in Corrie

Michelle McDonald, Coronation Street

Robert Preston fears for Michelle McDonald’s safety when he finds her alone on the edge of a bridge, Kym Marsh tells Soaplife…

How is Michelle coping with the tragic loss of Ruairi,  her and Steve’s baby son, Kym? “Michelle is really struggling – she is a strong woman and trying to keep going but this loss is so huge, she can’t really come to terms with it and is in a very dark place indeed.”

Is she getting support from Steve? “He is supportive but they are finding it very hard to communicate. They’re dealing with their grief very differently and she was really upset when he removed everything from the nursery. Steve [Simon Gregson] just doesn’t really know how to cope.”

What happens when Michelle tries to drown her sorrows? “Steve persuades her to go out to the Bistro but it’s probably too soon and she has too much to drink. She’s very upset, toasting her dead son and shouting at other customers. It is very sad and Steve doesn’t know what to do. Michelle storms out. She has no idea where she’s going and ends up alone on a bridge.”

Robert Preston finds her – what kind of state is she in? “Freezing cold and in a very bad way. Robert [Tristan Gemmill] is very concerned for her safety and what she is planning to do.”

 Why is it easier to talk to Robert than Steve? “It can be very difficult to deal with your own grief and someone else’s. Robert is removed from the situation yet he cares about her and she finds she can open up to him. She tries to kiss him which is the result of the situation and her grief. It’s difficult for Robert because of the way he feels about her.”

She says she wants to visit Ruairi at the chapel of rest… what happens there? “Robert is amazing and gives Michelle the space she needs. When she says she wants Steve, he totally understands.”

Can you talk us through Ruairi’s funeral? “It is very moving and was very emotional to film. It’s just Michelle and Steve, which is how they wanted it. This is a real turning point for them and they’re able to move forward.”

Can Michelle and Steve come through this? “I think so but of course there is the huge ticking timebomb of Leanne’s [Jane Danson] baby which now after the loss of Ruairi takes on an even bigger significance.”

Could Robert be the one Michelle turns to when the truth about Leanne’s baby finally comes out? “There is some time to go yet and in the meantime she will be working on her relationship with Steve, and try to put how Robert feels about her out of her mind.”

Coronation Street, ITV