Rob Mallard: ‘Daniel risks Peter’s fury when he sleeps with his brother’s ex!’

Coronation Street’s Rob Mallard: ‘Daniel risks Peter’s fury when he sleeps with his brother’s ex!’

Coronation Street’s Daniel Osbourne is in hot water with his brother Peter when he hops into bed with Carla, actor Rob Mallard has revealed.

Daniel Osbourne’s latest conquest is a shock to everyone, including us, when he beds older woman Carla Connor! When his brother Peter finds out things get a whole lot more complicated.

What’s the story?

There was a spark between Daniel Osbourne and his brother’s ex wife as soon as they met but it’s about to burst into full-blown passion.

“Carla turns up at Daniel’s flat and makes it clear she’s attracted to him – she’s a gorgeous woman with a certain magnetism,” actor Rob Mallard has told Soaplife. “Daniel, who has a thing for older women, is very flattered and very happy to oblige.”

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Soaplife's interview with Rob Mallard

Soaplife: How come the affair gets found out?

Rob Mallard: “Sinead sees them kissing. Daniel panics when the news gets out – he’s torn about the way he feels. Being with Carla is cred on the street for him but he still has feelings for Sinead and felt spurned by her when she didn’t come to him when her wedding to Chesney didn’t happen.”

S: How does Peter react to the news?

RM: “Peter’s not happy. Carla’s not his anymore but he has a sense of ownership over her. It’s a code of conduct that you don’t sleep with your brother’s ex and Daniel’s violated that.”

S: Daniel’s always seeking Peter’s approval so is he disconcerted by the strength of Peter’s feelings?

RM: “Yes. Peter is the alpha to Daniel’s beta and is everything Daniel’s not - he’s capable of aggression but also of being merciful, he’s lived a rough and tumble life and can be fierce but also has a gentle side. Daniel doesn’t have control over his aggression, he’s not rough and ready, he sees himself as more high-brow but in a way, he’s jealous of Peter.”

S: There’s lots of disapproval over Daniel and Carla’s fling – does Daniel want it to continue because he truly has feelings for her or is it more to stick two fingers up at people?

RM: “Daniel’s digging his heels in - people have told him he shouldn’t be doing this so that’s just what he’s going to keep doing. He’s one of those people who seems to thrive on things going wrong.”

S: What are Carla’s feelings for him?

RM: “She’s the cat with the mouse. When Peter points out Carla’s using him, Daniel knows it but doesn’t want Peter to be right. Carla and Daniel then have this conversation which is almost in-for-a-penny in-for-a-pound - he figures as long as he knows she’s using him, then she’s not.”

S: How does Daniel feel when Carla collapses and it’s revealed that she’s seriously ill?

RM: “He had no idea. He feels that, yet again, a woman has pulled the wool over his eyes and deliberately hidden something from him. For someone who is so sharp, in many ways Daniel can be very dense.”

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