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Corrie's Sally Ann Matthews: 'Jenny tells Eva she’ll find Aidan and Alya getting cosy!'

Jenny Bradley, Coronation Street

Jenny gets it dramatically wrong when she correctly points the finger at Aidan, but with the wrong woman, says Corrie's Sally Ann Matthews…

Jenny finds herself in deep water when she tells Eva Price that Aidan Connor is having an affair, reveals Corrie star Sally Ann Matthews…

How does Jenny find out Aidan is cheating on Eva? “She overhears Johnny and Aidan Connor talking and she later demands to know if Aidan’s having an affair behind Eva’s back. Johnny admits Aidan is having an affair, but he won’t tell her who with.”

Jenny is convinced the other woman is Alya Nazir, but why? “They seem very close, then Jenny finds out Aidan’s invited Alya round to his flat. It’s for a work meeting, but Jenny puts two and two together and makes five. Jenny tells Eva she’ll find Aidan and Alya getting cosy if she goes to the flat.”

Why does she feel she has to tell Eva this? “Jenny doesn’t set out to do harm and I don’t think she’s manipulative, but she reacts and lashes out when people cross her. This is her way to try and get at Aidan.”

Meanwhile, she’s moving in with Aidan’s dad, Johnny, isn’t she? “Yes. She’s very much looking forward to moving into a swanky pad in Victoria Court with him. It doesn’t get much better as far as Jenny is concerned – especially as the flat she was meant to move into fell through as it was one of the Phelan scam flats.”

Does Jenny have genuine feelings for Johnny? “I think she does. Time and time again Johnny’s been her knight in shining armour. He looks after Jenny and he’s been the only one who’s consistently been there for her apart from Rita.”

So she’s not just after his money – as Aidan suspects? “No. I do think Johnny has been totally there for her since she came back to the Street. Maybe there’s also an element of him being a bit of a father figure to her as she’s not had that in her life.”

Johnny’s not too pleased to hear about Jenny setting Aidan up… What if Johnny decides to dump her? “She’ll be devastated and she’ll really regret meddling. I imagine she’ll plead with Johnny to take her back if this happens. But maybe he’ll decide she’s just too much trouble.”