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Bobby Beale revealed as killer of sister Lucy in EastEnders' 30th anniversary twist!

Bobby Beale was revealed as the killer of his big sister Lucy in the long-awaited conclusion to the EastEnders storyline which started last Easter when her body was found on Walford Common.

Tonight, in a flashback episode, stepmum Jane walked into the Beales' to find Bobby standing near Lucy's body holding a music box.

Chillingly, like an East End Damian from The Omen, he said: "Whatever she says, she started it. She made everyone unhappy."

The finger of suspicion swung wildly throughout the flashback episode, which featured the return of Hetti Bywater in the role of Lucy. Initially it looked like Jane was responsible, then the spotlight swung to Billy Mitchell, after she caught him pilfering cod, of all things.

After he was rebuffed, the shadowy, hooded Lee Carter revealed himself to be an admirer rather than an attacker.

Next, Lucy encountered Jake Stone, who was too drunk to be capable of anything apart from vomiting violently while she was helping him home – a 'Kodak moment' according to Max Branning – then Lucy bumped into a vicious Abi Branning.

Abi belted her as she told her what she thought of Lucy's affair with her father, Max: "Can you imagine me with Ian? His hands all over me,"

Back at the Beales' it looked like Denise was the killer when Lucy's harsh words led to a bedroom brawl, but it wasn't the case... When Jane received a call and rushed to the Beales' she gasped as she found nine-year-old Bobby standing over Lucy's body.