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Can Bradley and Stacey reunite?
Can Bradley and Stacey reunite? (Image credit: BBC)

EastEnders' Bradley Branning is none too pleased when estranged wife Stacey tries to take his car to help her mum. But this situation could fuel their desire to get back together, as actor Charlie Clements explains... /soaps/eastenders/whos_who/stacey_slater">Stacey tries to take Bradley's car when she worries that her mum Jean in is Fargo's and has forgotten her pills. How does Bradley react? "Bradley's shocked. He's only just got the car and Stacey can't drive! He confronts her and she explains about her mum so he drives to Fargo's to help her find Jean." When they get to Fargo's and find Jean having a row with Bianca, Bradley agrees to drive Jean and Stacey home. And it proves to be a bumpy ride for all... "It's a bit of a nightmare. Jean is in a state and Bradley's got this brand new car which he doesn't want her being sick all over. He's so distracted, he almost runs over a copper." Stacey's very grateful to Bradley for his help. But just why is he helping her after the way she treated him? "He doesn't think twice about it because he still cares about Stacey. He's glad to be supporting her." Does that mean that Bradley is still in love with Stacey? "Bradley never stopped loving Stacey. He was furious about her affair with Max but he's never quite moved on. He's had his head turned by Clare but she's nothing to him." What is it about Stacey that keeps Bradley coming back for more? "Bradley feels comfortable with Stacey. He can be himself with her. Bradley loves the way she's so in your face and she is attracted to his calm nature." So, is there a chance that Bradley and Stacey could get back together? "I think there is a chance they might get back together� It's not the end of their love story yet."

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