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EastEnders betrayal! Roxy calls the cops - and Ronnie’s arrested for Carl White’s murder

Ronnie Mitchell [Sam Womack] is will be arrested for the murder of Carl White, after a betrayal by her sister Roxy [Rita Simons].

The dramatic arrest will take place during what's supposed to be a nice family lunch, organised by Sharon [Letitia Dean] as she tries to keep her family together.

Ronnie killed Carl (Daniel Coonan) in 2014, to protect Roxy and herself… Carl had been giving former addict Roxy drugs and Ronnie was furious. She told Carl to get out of Walford but, instead, he tried to rape her. A swift car boot door to his head and then a car crusher made sure he would never bother the Mitchell sisters again.

Ronnie is arrested for the murder of Carl

Betrayed by Roxy, Ronnie is arrested for the murder of Carl White (BBC)


As our pictures reveal, Dean Wicks (Matt Di Angelo) doesn't look at all upset as Ronnie is taken away, but Roxy is devastated - and admits it was her who dropped Ronnie right in it with the police..

All Ronnie has been trying to do, in her own twisted way, is try to protecy Roxy from Dean, before he hurts her the way he hurt Linda Carter (Kellie Bright).

But it looks like she might be too late… Dean has manipulated Roxy to the point where she's convinced he's the best thing that's ever happened to her.

Will she realise too late that the rapist is, in fact, her worst nightmare?

Ronnie is arrested for the murder of Carl

Too late, Roxy realises she has made a terrible mistake. Dean doesn't think she has (BBC)

“As far Dean goes, there is justice,” says Dominic Treadwell-Collins. “And how it’s meted out will be satisfying but shocking too.”

We know he ends up being dragged out of a lake and looking very dead on New Year's Day, the day of Mick (Danny Dyer) and Linda's wedding.

But what about Ronnie? Does she have anything to do with putting Dean in the lake? Or does she spend Christmas at Her Majesty's pleasure?

This EastEnders drama unfolds in the episode due to airs on BBC1, Monday, November 23, 8.00pm.