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This EastEnders legend sends a SHOCK text to their secret lover tonight

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Sharon wants answers from Keanu, but the young mechanic tells her to leave him alone

Smitten secret lover Sharon Mitchell sends a secret text message to Keanu Taylor when the AWOL mechanic finally returns to Albert Square in this evening’s EastEnders.

Keanu, who has been off in Spain doing Phil’s dirty work, is the talk of the Square when he at last pitches up again.

His mum Karen, who’s been desperately worried about her boy, is over the moon to see he’s OK.

EastEnders Keanu Taylor and Sharon Mitchell

Keanu (Danny Walters) tells Sharon (Letitia Dean) to leave him alone in EastEnders tonight

Sharon is also delighted to have her young man back in town and she sends Keanu a text message asking him to meet up.

However, Keanu’s not interested in seeing her and is determined to keep his former secret lover at bay.

At the Arches, Phil has a run in with one of his money-laundering associates, Danny, who makes it perfectly clear to Phil that he must keep laundering money.

Sharon, who’s not happy that Keanu is ignoring her, then heads to the Arches herself, where she finds Phil, Keanu and Danny embroiled in a big conversation.

Eventually, Sharon manages to get Keanu alone and demands he answers her questions. It seems unlikely, though, that she’s going to be happy with what the mechanic has to say. Is this finally the end of the road for the pair?

Sharon isn’t the only woman Keanu is trying to avoid – he’s also hoping not to run into his ex girlfriend Louise!

Louise wants some answers as well and in a bid to make him jealous, cracks onto a handsome stranger… but the mystery man is in fact Midge, one of the guys who attacked Keanu in Spain.

It’s fair to say then that Keanu’s return to EastEnders this evening causes a lot of drama!

EastEnders continues tonight on BBC1 at 8pm.