EastEnders reveal: former Minder star Gary Webster to play husband of Belinda Slater

(Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron)

Former Minder star Gary Webster (opens in new tab) is to appear in EastEnders as Belinda Peacock’s mysterious husband.

Belinda (Carli Norris (opens in new tab)) has had regular slots in the BBC soap since 2001 but we’ve never seen her husband before – just heard a lot about how successful he is.

“Neville has always seen himself and his wife as a cut above the rest of the Slaters, believing them to be a picture of respectability,” a show insider told the Mirror.

But what really goes on behind closed doors in this couple’s prim and suburban relationship?

“She is a Slater after all, so it can’t all be white picket fences,” added the insider.

In recent months Belinda has been back in Albert Square as she helped the family to support Stacey (Lacey Turner (opens in new tab)), who suffered severe mental illness after giving birth to Arthur.

(Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron)

Belinda has been a recent visitor to Albert Square to support cousin Stacey


Now it seems Belinda might be considering a more permanent return to Walford, which hasn’t pleased her husband one bit.

In scenes filmed last month, Mick and Linda Carter (Danny Dyer (opens in new tab) and Kellie Bright (opens in new tab)) visit the couple’s plush home in Kent and then drive off with Belinda.

A furious Neville rushes out in his dressing gown and hurls a flip flop at their departing 4x4.

Gary, 52, is best known for playing Ray, nephew of George Cole (opens in new tab)’s Arthur Daley character in Minder (opens in new tab), when he replaced Dennis Waterman (opens in new tab).


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Gary made his name in Minder, co-starring with George Cole


He has appeared in EastEnders before, but as a different character. In 1987 he played the brother of Barry Clark, who was half of the show’s first gay couple.

“Filming these scenes was a lot of fun and it was great to work with Carli, and some other Walford residents,” he said of his return to the soap.

“I can’t reveal what happens but I can say viewers won’t want to miss it.”

EastEnders (opens in new tab) continues on BBC1, Monday, May 2, 8.00pm.