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A merry Christmas for Ronnie and Roxy in EastEnders…then an explosive New Year exit as rapist Dean returns?

eastenders, dean wicks
(Image credit: © BBC/Kieron McCarron)

EastEnders have started filming their Christmas episodes and Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell are included… But reports suggest they won’t see much of the New Year. Could that be because of Dean Wicks?

We know Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell (Sam Womack and Rita Simons) are due to make a dramatic exit from Albert Square and fans have been wondering if they will even make it to Christmas.

Well, a paper says that EastEnders Christmas episodes will feature the Mitchell sisters.

The cast and crew of the BBC soap have been spotted filming Walford’s nativity and Ronnie and Roxy are in the scenes, the Mirror says.

And reports also suggest that they won’t have a happy New Year.

That is when Ronnie and Roxy are expected to be killed off, in an action-packed, special New Year’s Eve episode. Will it feature Dean Wicks (Matt Di Angelo)?

eastenders, roxy mitchell

Ronnie and Roxy face a bleak future (Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)

And will Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick), now running Les Coker’s funeral business, have to arrange the burial of Ronnie and Roxy?

Scenes were also reportedly being shot at the graveside of Peggy Mitchell (Barbara Windsor), who died in May.

Is that because they’re getting ready to put Ronnie and Roxy in the ground, close to family?

An EastEnders source has confirmed that Ronnie and Roxy will have an “unmissable exit”.

And a permanent one, if the reports are to be believed. They will be dead Enders.

We know Ronnie and Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) are planning to wed but we don’t think that turns to tragedy…

One dramatic ending would be for Ronnie’s criminal past could catch up with her. She did murder Carl White, remember?

Or… Rapist Dean could return…

eastenders, dean wicks

Is rapist Dean going to return to take revenge? (Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Dean walked free from court after his trial for attempting to rape Roxy and his dad, Buster (Karl Howman), paid him to disappear.

But will Dean be able to stay away from all the people he feels have wronged him: Roxy, Ronnie, mum Shirley (Linda Henry) and Linda (Kellie Bright), who he did rape?


Ronnie, Roxy, Linda and Shirley could all still be in danger from Dean…

Will Dean return to punish them – and will Ronnie and Roxy die punishing him after the courts failed to?

EastEnders continues on BBC1, Monday, October 17, 8.00pm.