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Glynis Barber to return to EastEnders as Glenda Mitchell

Glynis Barber is set to make a brief return to EastEnders this New Year to reprise her role as Glenda Mitchell.

She hasn’t been seen or heard from since her family sensationally turned their backs on her when her affairs with Phil and Ian were exposed in March 2011.

EastEnders are not giving anything away about why Glenda is back, but it’s set to be a difficult Christmas for the Mitchells and she will be seen in the midst of the drama.

Glenda’s daughters Roxy and Ronnie are bitterly feuding and are both at crisis point. After a surprise Christmas proposal, Roxy’s relationship with Dean is set to take an upsetting turn when he attempts to rape her, while Ronnie’s feud with Vincent is set to reach dangerous levels when she is forced to choose between him and Phil and she takes drastic action.

It’s a pivotal time for the Mitchells and the big question that remains is what brings Glenda back?

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