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EastEnders fans STUNNED by new trailer teasing over 20 summer storylines

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It’s shaping up to be a long, hot summer if the EastEnders summer trailer is anything to go by.

The BBC dropped the new promotional video on Twitter this week. In less than 48 hours, it had been retweeted by more than a thousand fans and got more than four thousand likes.

‘I HAVE NO WORDS,’ wrote one viewer. ‘I’m literally speechless. It’s a trailer where it feels like it’s everything you’ve ever wanted to see and more.’

‘OMG this summer trailer has just got everything this is just amazing so proud of this amazing soap,’ another agreed.

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So what is it that’s got everyone so excited? So many things, we don’t know how they managed to squeeze them all into a two-minute promo!

For starters, we’ve got Jack being hauled off by the coppers, Keanu running from the police, Bobby being chased through the square by Max, and Ben lying on the ground after a brutal beating.

Then there’s the long-awaited return of Ian Beale, and the surprising reunion of Shirley and Phil, with the pair shown shaking hands after Phil utters the words: ‘Welcome aboard.’

But this is EastEnders, so of course it’s not all happy reunions. The trailer also teases clashes between Sharon and Karen, and Ruby and Jay, who gets a pint in the lap in the Queen Vic.

We also get our first look at Adrian Edmondson as Jean Slater’s new love interest, Daniel. But there doesn't seem to be an awful lot of love in the air, since he’s also on the receiving end of a flying beverage. And Hollywood star Richard Graham’s appearance as Stuart’s dad Jonno looks set to cause even more drama…

But the fans, understandably, can’t wait.


‘Wow what an awesome trailer! Roll on summer yess cannot wait to see these scenes & so excited for @AdrianEdmondson as Jean's love interest,’ another tweeted.

EastEnders continues on BBC1.