Jane Beale comes home in EastEnders

Jane Beale's all... forced... smiles as she returns to Albert Square, but is she really happy to be back?

She's been recuperating for months after Bobby's vicious attack, and now Jane Beale is finally returning to a specially adapted home in EastEnders. Having once said that she wanted to leave Ian and move to be with her brother Christian in Birmingham, is Jane regretting her decision to stay in Walford?


We're home! Jane looks less than impressed as Ian wheels her into the house

Ian thinks everything is OK, but will Jane be able to keep up the façade?

Jane's face begins to ache with the constant smiling as she catches up with old friends and family

While Sharon confides in Jane about her own problems, how will Jane cope with her new life? Tune in to EastEnders on BBC1 from Monday, 1 August