Belle dumps Lachlan who then vanishes… Has he taken his own life?

Belle finds out Lachlan slept with a prostitute and dumps him. He vanishes leaving Chrissie worried her son has taken his own life

Bombshell news shatters Belle and Lachlan's relationship. Lucky's broken hearted over the split and vanishes, leaving his mum Chrissie worried that he's taken his own life.

Debbie and Tom's relationship hits a high in Emmerdale - and then a deep low when Sarah's knocked unconscious while they're all out quad-biking.

The drama continues for Bernice over dead Mrs Dumphreys' money, causing the salon owner to break out in hives!

Aaron's found out a few unsavoury facts about Lachlan and tells Belle, causing the couple to split.

Leyla tries to comfort Pete over the death of his brother Finn.

A Debbie's new pad, she's miffed when her rich new bloke appears to have bought her a load of furniture.

It kicks off at Home Farm when Rebecca makes a shock reveal to Robert…

… he's sent into a blind panic when Rebecca says she's seen something which leaves his evil deeds exposed!

Debbie's relieved when the meeting goes well, with everyone loving Tom!

The loved up couple take Sarah out quadbiking.

While Debbie and Tom share a kiss, Sarah thunders off on her quad.

But Debbie regrets taking her eyes off her little girl, who's been in an accident and is now unconscious.

Bernice has come out in hives and is convinced it's something to do with the money she and her sister have secretly 'taken' from dead Mrs Dumphreys.

A rigged raffle has been cobbled together to get Mrs Dumphreys' money back to its rightful owner. But will it go to plan? Watch Emmerdale on ITV from Monday 20th November.