Bob Hope might miss his own wedding reveals Emmerdale’s Tony Audenshaw!

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Emmerdale star Tony Audenshaw has revealed that Brenda Walker’s left waiting at the altar when groom-to-be Bob Hope gets trapped.

Emmerdale actor Tony Audenshaw has talked to Soaplife about how Bob Hope’s long-awaited wedding hangs in the balance when he is locked in the pirate ship!

What’s the story?

Even though Brenda knows about his affair and Bob still harbours feelings for Laurel, their ill-fated wedding is still on. However, when Arthur locks Bob in the pirate ship during his stag do, all bets are off.

“Bob wants to do right by Brenda,” actor Tony Audenshaw tells Soaplife. “As far has he is concerned, Laurel has closed the door on him.”

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Tony Audenshaw’s interview with Soaplife about Bob Hope, Brenda and Laurel...

Soaplife: How does Bob feel about Brenda and Laurel?

Tony Audenshaw: “He has been rejected by Laurel so feels he must make it work with Brenda – he is more focused on that than his feelings for Laurel. He does love Brenda and despite his awful behaviour, he wants to do right by her.”

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S: Who does he love most?

TA: “It’s different with both of them. With Laurel, it’s that falling in love stage and with Brenda, it’s that different kind of love that you get with a long-term relationship.”

S: How does he feel about Brenda knowing the truth?

TA: “It freaked him out when he realised Brenda knew about him and Laurel. But she let it go and when Bob said it was over, she said it was fine. He now thinks that as long as he doesn’t talk about it, everything will be okay.”

S: What happens at his stag do?

TA: “He wants a quiet do, but Rishi and his mates organize a bit of nonsense and they all end up in the pirate ship. Bob misses Ashley and given the circumstances, he doesn’t think it’s right that they are there.”

S: What would he do if Laurel admitted her feelings for him?

TA: “He is so selfish, I imagine he would probably try and keep them both happy. The trouble is, Bob doesn’t ever think about the consequences. He is so blinkered, but people do behave like this in real-life.”

S: What should Bob do?

TA: “I would advise him to be a man of the cloth and leave women alone!”

S: Will he get married?

TA: “He fully intends to, but Arthur puts a spanner in the works when he locks Bob in the pirate ship. Brenda shows up at the church and there is no sign of Bob.”

S: What do viewers think of Bob’s behaviour?

TA: “The truth is, I don’t get out much, so I don’t know. However, I was at the Brighton Marathon supporting a friend and people were shouting stuff like ‘Stop doing this to Brenda’ and ‘Bob you are horrible.’ “

S: What would Ashley make of this?

TA: “He wouldn’t like all the lying and cheating. He did however, leave a message for Laurel saying that she should go for it if the right man came along. I am sure he wouldn’t be happy about Bob cheating on Brenda though.”

S: What’s wrong with Bob?

TA: “He is utterly selfish! And an idiot. He’s also one of those men who has to be in a relationship. I’m not sure he’d cope with being single.”

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