Emmerdale’s Danny Miller: ‘It’s not over with Gordon yet!'

(Image credit: Andrew Boyce)

Gordon’s going to prison and it looks like Emmerdale (opens in new tab)’s Aaron can put his traumatic past behind him. But there’s a twist in the tale, Danny Miller tells Soaplife...

How important is it for Aaron to attend Gordon’s sentencing?

“Actually, Aaron doesn’t want to go, but Liv [Isobel Steele (opens in new tab)] does. Robert [Ryan Hawley (opens in new tab)] goes for support and Aaron gets the chance to look Gordon in the eye and say ‘It’s over. You are not my dad any more!’. But although the sentencing is massive closure for Aaron, it’s not over yet. Aaron can’t shut out the images and memories of what happen to him as a kid. And then Gordon mentions a letter he sent Aaron.”

How has Gordon got a letter to Aaron?

“You’re not allowed to get in touch with any of the witnesses and victims when you’re convicted of a crime, but Gordon sent a letter to Aaron via Pete Barton [Anthony Quinlan (opens in new tab)]. The thing is, Robert got hold of the letter before Aaron had a chance to read it and he decided it would be better to protect Aaron and not show it to him.”

We hear there’s another big twist to the Gordon story…

“There is. It definitely isn’t over and what happens will have a profound impact on Aaron.”

How does Aaron feel about having Liv around?

“He feels very protective of Liv and he sees a lot of himself in her. He doesn’t want her to make the same mistakes in life and he wants to be the father figure that Gordon [Gary Mavers (opens in new tab)] wasn’t. Liv looks up to Aaron and she might learn some life lessons from him.”

Why does Aaron change his surname?

“Aaron’s always been a Dingle and now it makes sense to drop the surname Livesy. His mum, Chas [Lucy Pargete (opens in new tab)r], has been there for him throughout, so he wants to take her name and be part of this new family.”

Are you glad the abuse story has ended?

“It’s been a brilliant challenge, but it’s nice to come into work and be a little more laid back for a change.”

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