Emmerdale’s Nicola Wheeler: Nicola’s nicked for abducting baby Amba!

Menopausal Nicola goes missing with Priya’s baby - and the police want to lock her up, Emmerdale’s Nicola Wheeler explains to Soaplife...

How does this happen?

“Well, Nicola and Jimmy [Nick Miles] are supposed to be having a night of passion in the B&B, but end up eating chocolate biscuits and the only marathon session is spent watching Midsomer Murders.”

But that’s not what Nicola tells other people…

“Val [Charlie Hardwick] makes a comment about the chocolate stains on the sheets and Nicola suggests they’re from experimental naughtiness, to save face. But Kerry [Laura Norton] keeps asking for more details and, to get out of the way, Nicola decides to take Amba for a walk.”

How does that become an abduction?

“Nicola starts off walking Amba around the village, but because she’s not settling, they go for a longer walk. It starts to rain, so they take cover in a barn, but James [Bill Ward] locks them in by accident. They’re there overnight, but luckily Nicola has food for Amba.”

What happens the next day?

“Jimmy finds them and Nicola returns to the village. She sees the police and is like, ‘You have no idea, don’t comment on my hair, I have been through a nightmare’. She’s expecting praise, but the police officer is very gentle and asks her to get into the car. She realises they’re treating her like a criminal and that she’s being arrested.”

How does she get out of this mess?

“James backs up her story, but the police have been told about what happened with Jimmy’s sperm donor baby, Karl. She’s curious to know who told them and then she listens to her voicemails and hears Jimmy saying, ‘Give her back. I didn’t realise things are this bad. I will get you professional help’.”


“Nicola is furious that Jimmy could think she’s capable of taking a baby. She took Karl because she didn’t think it was fair that Jimmy was being prevented from seeing him. Now she wants another baby, but Jimmy’s baby, not just any baby. It’s thoroughly disappointing to think that somebody she loves believes she’s capable of something like that.”

How does Jimmy try and make it up to Nicola?

“He dresses up and serenades her. It’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever done. Nicola had to keep a stony face, but I wanted to laugh the whole way through. What Jimmy does works to an extent, but Nicola needs more.”

Could this be the end of them?

“All I can say is, there has to be an end in order for them to continue.”

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