Emmerdale's Gillian Kearney: 'Emma and Debbie's row puts Moses in danger!'

Emma Barton can’t get enough of her grandson Moses - but that puts him in danger, Emmerdale’s Gillian Kearney tells Soaplife.

What does Emma think of Moses?

“She absolutely loves him and loves looking after him. He has given her a new purpose in life and she really wants Ross [Michael Parr] to be a good father to him. She can see, however, that he is terrified and shirking his responsibility.”

She doesn’t like Ross’s relationship with Debbie, does she?

“No. She’s not happy about it. She thinks Debbie [Charley Webb] is a piece of work, but knows she must keep her mouth shut. She’s had it out with her already and it didn’t end well. So Emma is getting access to Moses behind Debbie’s back.”

But Pete (Anthony Quinlan) finds out - and spills the beans…

“Yes - and Emma’s angry because Debbie then drops Emma in it with James [Bill Ward], who’s annoyed that she has kept yet another secret.”

Is it because of Moses that Emma goes to see his mum Charity in prison?

“She has heard that Charity [Emma Atkins] is a tough businesswoman and thinks she’ll listen to Emma and have the good sense to give her permanent custody of her son. From what Emma has seen, Charity is hardly a fit mother.”

How does their meeting go?

“Emma realises she has bitten off more than she can chew.”

So what does she do?

“Because things with Charity haven’t gone well, she gets drunk and decides to have a go at Debbie. She starts shouting abuse up at her house and Debbie comes downstairs to have it out with her - leaving Moses upstairs in the bath.”

What happens?

“Emma feels terrible when her actions put Moses in danger. She gives Debbie some medical advice and they call an ambulance.”

Does Debbie blame Emma?

“No. For a second you get a sense that Debbie thinks they should rethink things. Debbie admits that she was out of order.”

So will Emma get to see Moses?

“That all depends on what happens between her and Ross…”

Emmerdale, ITV.