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Emmerdale's Pasha Bocarie: 'Rakesh is devastated but he's going to cover up for Kirin!' (VIDEO)

In the aftermath of Kirin's shock hit-and-run accident, in which viewers saw the drunk lad  fatally collide with Paddy's secret lover, Tess, there's going to be a killer cover-up!

Emmerdale star Pasha Bocarie, who plays Kirin's lawyer dad Rakesh, revealed he will desperately try to cover his tracks when he finds out what Kirin has done.

"Rakesh doesn't have time to react," says Pasha. "The police are on their way. Rakesh realises he has an opportunity to help his son, who is in need. But what happens between the two characters is quite sad and emotional."

The dramatic storyline will see the departure of the character Kirin, following Emmerdale star Adam Fielding's decision to leave the soap after two years.

"It's sad to see the character go," added Pasha. "But it's also been exciting to play this material. There's been a lot for us to get our teeth stuck into and Adam was happy with the way it was handled."

Watch the interview with Pasha Bocarie, above. "]

Emmerdale continues weeknights on ITV at 7pm.