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‘Tess tells Rhona she is having an affair,’ says Emmerdale’s Nicola Stephenson

Paddy the cheat has become such a confident philanderer that he books a night in a hotel for himself and Tess. Then Rhona turns up.

Nicola Stephenson tells Soaplife what happens next…

First, how does Tess feel about Paddy?

“Paddy represents everything that Tess wants - she’s not happy in her marriage and that is because her husband doesn’t want children. She has kids around her in her job, but she wants her own, so there is this very deep sadness about her. Paddy [Dominic Brunt] is the sort of steadfast, stable family man that she wants. The more she is into him, the more she falls out of love with her husband.”

How does Paddy manage to spend a night in a hotel with Tess?

“He has a vet conference to go to and tells Rhona he will go alone, but invites Tess. She is really excited about it.”

Then Rhona phones Paddy to tell him they have been accepted as adoptive parents…

“And Paddy has a massive pang of guilt and decides to leave. Tess finds him packing and she starts taking clothes out of his case. Unknown to both of them, Rhona [Zoe Henry] has decided to surprise him and show up at the hotel.”

Is Tess in the room when Rhona appears?

“Yes, but she is shoved in the bathroom. She thinks Paddy is going to sort it out.”

But he doesn’t…

“So Tess appears downstairs and tells Rhona she is at the hotel because she is having an affair. She has a drink with the pair of them. She is so angry she wants to see Paddy squirm and she is quite desperate. She could blurt out the truth, but also risks losing him if she does that.” 

Does Tess want Paddy to leave Rhona for her?

“I think deep down she believes that if Paddy were a bit stronger he would realise he is not happy with Rhona and would be much better off with her.”

Emmerdale, ITV.