Will Belle be found in time in Emmerdale?

With their mentally-fragile daughter still missing, Zack and Lisa begin to fear the worst...

The search for missing Belle continues, but Zack and Lisa are dismayed when the police announce they're going to have to scale back the search.

The teen's worried parents are beside themselves. Lisa is determined to find her little girl and, with Chas's help goes into town, to hand out fliers and scour the streets.

Meanwhile, alone and hungry and with her psychosis back, Belle struggles to cope. Will anyone find her before it's too late?

Belle's alone, scared and in a mentally-fragile state.

Earlier in the week, Lisa and Zak are aghast when the police turn up and announce they're having to scale back the search for Belle

Lisa is furious that more isn't being done to help find their little girl and feels that everyone's giving up on her

Meanwhile Belle, whose psychosis has returned, holes up in a doorway in town

Alone and scared, the troubled-teen has to pick through scraps from bins to find something to eat

She still has Ellie's voice in her head. When Ellie tells Belle everyone hates her and orders her to throw away the scrap of paper with Bailey's number on it, Belle tosses it away

Chas and Lisa are in town handing out flyers and desperately talking to strangers asking if anyone has seen Belle. Meanwhile, Belle's tormented when a group of drunken blokes approach her and steal her sleeping bag

Later on a starving Belle becomes disorientated and suddenly collapses. Is anyone going to find her before it's too late? Watch Emmerdale on ITV from Monday 5 September