A fire is raging through Emmerdale!

At the scrap yard, Adam has woken up to find the car he’s been asleep in, is on fire! In the Hall of Mirrors, Diane and Val have heard the explosion and are screaming for help. But the worst of the wedding day disaster crash is the village hall. With a helicopter having crashed into the roof where the reception was taking place, the hall is destroyed. Under the rubble and dust, the wedding guests moan and scream for help. Bodies are everywhere. But slowly, there are signs of life. As those that can struggle to their feet, a frantic search for their loved ones begins.

Back at the yard, as Robert's car continues to burn, Chrissie is in a state. She knows her handiwork has caused disaster. Soon, she and Robert realise Adam is trapped in a burning car. Chrissie screams at her hubby to do something and Robert manages to free Adam moments before the car explodes. Urging Chrissie to take him to hospital, Robert races over to the village hall.

There, Ruby is in a very, very bad way. As Dan and Kerry lift off the debris, they see she has a massive bleeding wound in her abdomen. Victoria, Moira, Marlon, Aaron, Chas, Cain, Joanie and Pete have survived. Val and Diane are stuck in the Hall of Mirrors scared – yet unaware of the true horror of what is happening outside. But Debbie is missing and so is little Kyle. As Cain and Pete frantically look for Debbie, knowing the place could blow any minute as fuel drips from what's left of the helicopter, they find her deep among rubble, unconscious! As the men manage to free the bride, Dan and Kerry are with Ruby. The emergency services are meant to be on their way, but so far there's no sign. Debbie is rushed to hospital while reluctant Cain stays behind to help Zak find Kyle. But it's the end of the line for Ruby. Dan and Kerry have done all they can to try to stem the bleeding and keep her conscious. After Ruby asks them to tell Ali she loves her and not to cry over her, she dies.

In hospital, Pete arrives with Debbie in his arms. And soon after, Ross, who has made his way back to the village and noticed smoke pouring up into the sky, bursts through the door, asking his brother if Debbie is dead…


Sarah Waterfall
Soaps Editor at What's On TV

Sarah has been writing about soaps for over 20 years! She’s worked for Hello!, WOMAN, PA News, Closer, TVeasy – and is currently What’s On TV's Soap editor as well as writing for WhatToWatch.com 

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