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A raging Emma vows revenge

Emma’s thrilled when James admits he’s having doubts about getting divorced. But Finn knows his dad has been played and feels compelled to tell him what Emma has been up to behind the scenes. When James learns how Emma meddled in his relationship with Chas he’s livid. Storming over to Dale View, he announces to Emma he’s signed the divorce papers! Furious to have failed, having got so close to having James back in her life, Emma is determined to wreak havoc.

At Butler’s Farm, Moira urges Cain to take up a visiting order he’s received from Charity. Emma then bursts in and leaves Moira reeling when she reveals Debbie and Chas’s suspicions that Cain’s the father of Charity’s baby!

Having attacked poor Sam, Rachel is full of regret and desperate for his forgiveness. Though Sam doesn’t tell Ruby the truth about his injuries, will he forgive Rachel?

Adam’s forced to make up a story when Chrissie finds Adam’s mobile. Thinking Cain knows where Adam and Victoria are hiding out, Robert plans to keep an eye on the mechanic.