Aaron and Robert caught?

*Second episode*

Aaron arrives at the hotel for his overnight rendezvous with Robert, but as he lets himself into the room he’s unaware that Katie and Chrissie are downstairs in reception trying to find out if someone has checked in under the name of Robert Sugden. Meanwhile, Robert turns up at the hotel, but neither he nor Katie and Chrissie clock each other. When Robert joins Aaron, the lovers kiss, but are unaware that Katie and Chrissie are lurking in the corridor outside the room!

As James lies unsconscious under a load of farm feed, Emma’s fleeing the scene, but soon has to change tack when she sees Pete. She calls her son over to help and orders him to call for an ambulance as she snaps into nurse mode. But James isn’t breathing and Emma can’t find a pulse – will the paramedics arrive in time to save him?

Meanwhile, as Nicola confides in Rodney, Kerry has a go at Val for helping Tracy – how will she react when Val responds by comparing Tracy to Kerry’s daughter Amy?