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Banged up Aaron’s offered drugs to ease his pain (VIDEO)

Aaron Dingle

Aaron Dingle is suffering as his life in prison becomes worse than he'd imagined it could be. He's bruised battered and broken. His cellmate offers him drugs to help with the pain - but Aaron refuses.

In prison, having been battered by Jason and his gang, Aaron’s in agony. When his cellmate Ethan notices he’s struggling, he offers him a joint to smoke to relieve the pain. But, Aaron refuses. Before long, Jason’s on to him again, flinging Aaron to the floor before making a shock revelation, which causes the mechanic to panic. When the prison chaplain arrives will Aaron break his self-imposed code of silence and accept his help?

Meanwhile, Robert, Aaron’s hubby, is struggling too. But when Victoria suggests he talk to Aaron about his feelings, will he listen?

Then there’s Liv. She’s not coping well without her brother around and is worried sick about him. Noah sympathises and urges her to talk to Aaron but will Noah’s words ease her woes – and will she act on them?

Watch a clip from this episode;