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Adam and Vanessa sleep together!

It’s her birthday, but Victoria can’t hide her feelings any longer and dumps Adam, who’s only recently proposed! He’s absolutely devastated. In The Woolie, Adam runs into Vanessa, who’s now single too. As the drinks flow, the pair moan about their failed love lives and end up in bed together!

Having trashed Darren’s car, Val’s keeping a low profile. But Finn wants to know who was behind it and after blaming Ross, turns his attentions to his mum. Emma’s heartbroken, but will guilt push Val to confess?

Marlon has a lot on his mind as Pollard tells him he’s no longer needed at the B&B. With Laurel not working and the pamper parties not doing brilliantly, times are tight. As he breaks the news to Laurel, who’s been on the wine, he suggests they take a break away from the village as a family.