The horrible truth is too much for Adam to bear and he takes an overdose in Boxing Day Corrie horror!

Adam in Coronation Street
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As Peter tries to cover his tracks, Adam can see only one way out... HOUR-LONG BOXING DAY SPECIAL!

Eileen sits by comatose Billy’s hospital bed, still worried about Todd. Peter apologises to Adam for failing to tell him about Billy’s involvement in Susan’s death and begs him not to go to the police. When Rosie reveals she has a letter for Billy that Todd gave her before he vanished, Adam promises to deliver it. Adam shows Ken Todd’s letter informing Billy he’s taken Summer away until the heat dies down. Convinced it’s proof Todd knew of Billy’s part in Susan’s death, Adam sets fire to the letter. Daniel returns home to find a semi conscious Adam on the floor having taken painkillers with whiskey. Meanwhile as Eileen quizzes Billy about his fall, convinced the Barlows know something, Billy suddenly arrests and is rushed to surgery, will he survive?

Yasmeen takes a call from Roy in the Lakes District and when he discovers Carla is back he heads home. Carla is surprised to see him but implores him not to tell anyone her secret. As Carla catches up on the gossip she is intrigued to hear about Kate and Rana’s affair from Michelle and Michelle’s money worries from Kate. Aidan meanwhile is touched when she rents the kebab shop flat for him.

Jess tells Craig he should apply to join the police, meanwhile Bethany tells him she does want a relationship with him but needs to take it slowly. Alya is upset that Aidan has arranged another meeting with the new clients without her.

Amy and Simon agree that Steve and Tracy should never get back together.

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