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Hollyoaks spoilers: Adam attempts to seduce Darcy! Will she succumb to his charms?

Hollyoaks spoilers: Adam attempts to seduce Darcy!

Adam teams up with Esther and Nancy to try and expose Darcy's true colours by seducing her but will the plan work?

Esther and Nancy are determined to expose Darcy’s true colours and prove that she is only marrying Jack for his money.

They enlist Adam’s help and ask him to seduce Darcy to see if she will cheat on Jack while they secretly set up a hidden camera.

Adam turns up at the Osbornes and is soon taking his shirt off! Will Darcy be tempted by her ex and will it all be caught on film?

Elsewhere Sienna is horrified when she receives a teddy bear with a menacing voice message which says, “I know you are lying about your cancer”. Who is the sinister gift from? Sienna is convinced Misbah is behind it and sets off to find out the truth.

Meanwhile Yazz apologises to Hunter for all her lies but she’s worried when he confesses he’s been suffering from panic attacks. Can Yazz help him?