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Alf collapses

Josh and Matt end up fighting after Evelyn reveals that Matt kissed her. The students and teachers stay in the trenches and re-create a typical war night with lightening and sounds, which prompts Alf to have another flashback. Jett wakes up when he realises Alf is missing and finds him collapsed in a ditch, suffering from chest pains.

When Maddy tells Roo about her mum's offer to move home, she is supportive, but tells Leah she is heartbroken at the thought of Maddy leaving. In the middle of the night, Roo wakes up and finds Maddy, who has decided to move back home.

Ash tells Ricky that, to stop Brax being killed, he'll have to smuggle drugs into prison. Ricky doesn't want Ash risking his freedom and tries to get Brax a transfer, but Brax's lawyers say that could take months.

Nate barges in and gives Leah lecture about her recovery. Leah explodes and says she needs some alone time! She later apologies and says she wants to put the accident behind her. Yet, Nate is struggling to do the same, as he feels responsible.