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Alf’s gutted by Roo’s betrayal

Maddy's upset that Roo would get married without her or Alf and refuses to have breakfast with them. Roo apologises and says it didn't feel right without them. Maddy still thinks Roo would have done it if Alf hadn’t interrupted, and tells Roo that he's really upset and that she should talk to him. Roo talks to Alf and apologises for trying to get married without him.

John excitedly tells Marilyn that DOCS have approved them as foster parents. But Marilyn confesses to Irene that she isn't ready to foster. Marilyn plucks up the courage to talk to John, but as she enthuses about travelling John isn’t convinced. Later, John tells Marilyn that he doesn’t want to travel, he wants to stay at home in the Bay.

Oscar leads Maddy to the surprise party with his hands over her eyes and gives her a tasteless gold bracelet. Evie tries to leave but Maddy begs her to stay and Tank is angry when he receives her text cancelling. Just as Oscar brings out a big cake, Tank turns up with lots of mates, aggressively gatecrashing the party…